The story of a lucky accident

Orchester is the unexpected encounter of three musical worlds in 2008 : the ones of Clément Mirguet, guitarist and composer, Faustine Berardo, singer and director, and Anne-Laure Labaste, violinist.

This encounter has been a two-steps process. Clément worked on his own for theatre and cinema, and brought Anne-Laure in to record the violin parts. Six months later, they had recorded about ten instrumental tracks. Quickly, Clément wished to record a voice on his pieces. He met Faustine during a festival and asked her to collaborate on his musical projects.

The birth of the first LP “Before meeting together again” – 2009

Alchemy was immediate: they began to work on one track, then two… Finally, this collaboration lasted 6 months, until the first LP was created one year later in 2009.
The first LP reveals a kinematic music, faithful to Clément’s original project. Musical influences are eclectic, and the LP goes through many emotions: Orchester’s music is very instinctive. However, “Before meeting together again” is defined as Trip-Hop by the first listeners. Some influences are Portishead, Massive Attack, Archive, among many others. Orchester evolves and opens to the world and its cultures, from trip to trip, and lets itself be soaked by other kinds of music like Hip-Hop, World, Metal. To keep it short, the trio begins its journey in Trip-Hop, but ends up wandering away from it.

Orchester goes further with its second LP : “The Craftsmen” – 2011

Two years after the first LP’s release, Orchester comes back with a second opus. Still anxious to create musical short films, the band reveals this time a dark and emotive world, definitely more Electro. The clever mixture of Heavy, Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop and industrial beats and ethereal strings arrangements supports a gentle, sensitive, and rhythmic voice. As for the programming and the production, they are resolutely more Electro. This second LP is more mature and considered. Live experience played a large part in this evolution.
The title “The Craftsmen” reflects the way Orchester works : all by themselves, at home, they take their time.
Recorded and directed by Clément Mirguet, mixed by Laurent Collat, mastered by Bruno Gruel, produced by Jm Fondement.

Orchester proves itself thanks to its live performances

Six musicians make up the live band. More than a simple gig, Orchester offers you a real show. The band distinguishes itself by its energetic live performances which give it the opportunity to play at famous French festivals like “Le Rock dans tous ses états” or at Parisian venues like La Maroquinerie, Le Nouveau Casino, La Scène Bastille. In 2010, Orchester won the national music competition “Le Mans, Electric’cité”. In July 2010, Orchester was mentioned in Rolling Stone magazine as the “live band discovery”. The band performed as the opening act for famous bands such as Watcha Clan, No one is innocent, Deportivo, Electric Mary…